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My offer for teenagers

*If the world doesn't understand me,
it is all the more important
that I myself 
Zwei Personen lernen mit einem Laptop

learning aid

With me you will rediscover your inherent joy and desire to learn.

I will accompany you regardless of subjects or topics and together we will find your individual learning methods. It is important that you recognize and practice how you learn most successfully.


1 x  60min CHF 90.-

5 x  60min CHF 420.-

10 x 60 minutes CHF 800.-

Learning group of 2 learners

1 x 60min CHF 70 per person

5 x 60 minutes CHF 320 per person

  10 x 60min CHF 600.- per person 


Location: Impact SpaceInnerWorld

      Grosssteinstrasse 15



Learning group:  in the Tau room,

Herrengasse 25

6430 Schwyz

*Learning is like rowing against the current.
Once you stop, you drift back*
Image by Sébastien Mouilleau

single accompaniment

If you and your life face riddles and challenges, we solve them together.


- Realize your original perfection

-->Who am I?

- Experience your diverse uniqueness

-->What can I?

- Apply your self-efficacy

-->What do i do?

First appointment:   75min a CHF 80.-

Accompaniment:  4 x 90 minutes for CHF 480.-


suitable for children from the 4th grade and teenagers

Location: Impact SpaceInnerWorld

      Grosssteinstrasse 15


development space nature

Individual accompaniments can also take place in nature by arrangement.

Zwei Personen lernen mit einem Laptop
*You can only give what you give to yourself*
Mädchen in Jeans
Zwei Personen lernen mit einem Laptop

girl circles

Be "gwunrig" and look forward to becoming a woman together with other girls! Together we open and hold a space where you can experience the true power of your femininity. With honest discussions and helpful information

to becoming and being a woman.


 120 minutes for CHF 35.-

Dates follow on home page

Where: Tau Hall

Herrengasse 25

6430 Schwyz 


      or outdoors in 

Schwyz and surroundings

*The comparison with other people
makes you blind to the original,
that you are*


Create your power instrument!

A musical accompaniment for your life.


Several afternoons or days

I accompany you

- drum construction (gong, frame and slit drums)

- flute making

- rattles

First appointment to get to know each other and determine how to proceed


In practice including instrument auditions CHF 50.-

telephone contact 30min free of charge.


Instrument construction depending on instrument and effort CHF 550.- to CHF 1000.- including material 


Location: Impact Room 


               Grosssteinstrasse 15

6438 Ibach 

and in a workshop



Musische Entfaltung
*You are a guest.
Make this world a little nicer
a bit more humane
a little more loving
a little more fragrant for the unknown guests,
who will follow you*
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