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Deborah Schweizer

  My motivation, my challenge, my joy is to explore and understand being human and humanity in all its facets.

Various training courses, being the mother of a grown-up son and being a partner strengthened me on this path.

We are all humanity

As a curative teacher and teacher/learning coach, I have many years of experience in accompanying and strengthening young people, who experience appreciation, are seen in their entirety and can thus take their place as mindful people in this world.

I am very closely connected to the healing power of frequencies, vibrations, sounds and colors. As an instrument maker and player, I have acquired knowledge and practice. Subtle matters, such as the production and use of essences, oils and incense from nature, also belong in meine wealth of knowledge  and my practice. 

light, colors, sounds,

every cell of the human body

consists of vibration

I combine the beauty and wonders of nature in my intuitive-spiritual natural cosmetics.

With that I People one Possibility to available to use her body as a temple des To care for the soul naturally and to nourish it effectively. 

So that the soul really has pleasure and joy,

to reside in the body

InInnerWorld  you can be anything and try anything, in the deepest trust that your soul in


Now arrive and Be can.



without rating  

without  expectation  

simply free!


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